Design for Outdoor Advertising


• Your advertisement will be on the street MAKE IT SIMPLE
• Advertising poster holds attention for 3 seconds. During this time, the brain is capable of perceiving 5-7 words
• Idea should be perceived at first glance
• Brand should be perceived immediately


• Letters, which are too small or complicated, cannot be seen from a distance of 60 m
• Letters, which are too wide or close together, cannot be read
• Too thick or thin letters also should be avoided

Colour and Contrast

Easy to read
Hard to read

Product Image

• Clearly highlighted product image attracts attention and leaves an impression on the consumer
• “Clear and clean” product image is easy to perceive
• “Clean” product image ensures product recognition that, in turn, ensures product recognition in the store

Your LOGO should be highlighted!

Design must not oppress the product
LOGO should be highlighted

Creating Product Advertisement

• Design should be in line with the product
• Create a unified style in all media, it increases recognition
• Use letter font appropriate to the product
• Promote brand recognition based on the previous campaigns

Celebrities attract attention!

Celebrity involvement in advertisements increases consumer attention, making advertisements more recognisable and unforgettable.

3 reasons to consider the possibility of involving celebrities in advertising campaigns:

• Attachment of celebrity values to the brand
• Celebrity involvement provides confidence to the brand
• Celebrity involvement increases interest in the particular advertisement

Involve consumers!

• Create something more than a poster. CREATE A DIALOGUE, NOT A MONOLOGUE
• Make everybody keep talking about the campaign
• Challenge consumers, make intrigues, use humour, be DIFFERENT